Committee Members (2013-2014)

Sanja Potgieter-Vermaak

Ordinary Members
Alan Handley

Vera Thoss
Tom Hawkins
Stephen Holman
Glyn Connolly
Graeme Clemens
Matt Baker
Sabrina Khaliq
Herman Potgieter
Richard Snook
Clare Rawlinson-Malone
Megan McLean


Hon. Secretary
Stuart Forbes
Hon. Treasurer
Peter Doyle
Hon. Assistant Secretary

Immediate Past Chairman
Elsa Faria-Billinton


Focal Points
Meetings Megan McLean Alan Handley
Education Elsa Faria-Billinton

Schools Analyst Competition

Megan McLean

Schools Analyst Competition

Alan Handley

Schools Analyst Competition

Vera Thoss

Schools Analyst Competition

Matt Baker

Long Service Members Alan Handley
AD Council Alan Handley
NWR Database Glyn Connolly
NWR Website Stuart Forbes
Awards Peter Doyle Tom Hawkins
Younger Members Network and Analytical Science Network
Auditor Colin Peacock


Would you like to join the Committee and take an active part in shaping the Region's future? We are always keen to welcome
new members but, if you would like to find out more before
joining the Committee, you are most welcome to attend our
meetings as a guest.

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